Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New Photo update

Good Morning, well only just!! Started to take new photo's for shop's and I must be the only person in UK who doesn't what to see the sun today!! I will explain, we have a glass roof on the conservatory and I am taking the pictures in there, but it's no good if the sun is out!!! Have to use the daylight, so evenings are out as the flash comes on!!! And the sun has come out as we speak, so will now have to wait and see what this afternoon brings!! Still lots more to change!!
Please let me know what you think of new style photos now there are a few more on the shops
Sue x


  1. I have similar problems with bright sunlight. One day I'll be better organised & take all my pics when the weather is just right, rather than when I decide I need to take the photo's - lol!

  2. Ha ha, can't complain but it always does that!!! Lol