Thursday, 30 September 2010

Not bats in the belfry

have made an executive decision and I am calling out the pest people to deal with the wasps in loft!! It's getting very noisy up there at night and I was told by a friend, that their wasps had eaten their way nearly through the ceiling!!! Ours have been here for at least 2 months. Also the central heating chap will not be happy going up there if it's full of dozy wasps!!! £50 is cheaper than being sued!!!

That was yesterday now for today!!
The wasp's in the attic are deceasing [it takes a few days]!!!!
At least it will be quiet at night now, they were so noisy!!!
Loads came out, so it would have been a big nest, shame to do it but at least I will be able to open the window now!!!!


  1. Wasps are a pain in more ways than one. Last year we had a nest in our chimney and the pest people wanted £150 to sort it out. We got some spray and foam ourselves - squished the foam down the chimney and the spray up the chimney and over the next week had about 200 or so wasps come out and after about another week all clear. Apparently they leave their nests every year and do new ones the following year - so apart from having to sit with rolled up newspaper every evening swatting them as they came down we saved £150.

  2. That was pleasant!!! Ours was cheap @ £50 although we use to get it free which didn't please hubby.
    A very nice man came out and I can now tell all the life cycle of a wasp, the last eggs the queen lays before she dies are queens and these go off in the spring start a nest then lay eggs and she feed the babies, then they go gathering and do all the work while she just lays eggs!!! Clever!!
    The also like stripping expensive woods, our outside table and chairs have been stripped again this year but it wasn't our loft visitors, it was another lot!!!
    4 years ago our shed was stripped!!!