Thursday, 30 September 2010

Not bats in the belfry

have made an executive decision and I am calling out the pest people to deal with the wasps in loft!! It's getting very noisy up there at night and I was told by a friend, that their wasps had eaten their way nearly through the ceiling!!! Ours have been here for at least 2 months. Also the central heating chap will not be happy going up there if it's full of dozy wasps!!! £50 is cheaper than being sued!!!

That was yesterday now for today!!
The wasp's in the attic are deceasing [it takes a few days]!!!!
At least it will be quiet at night now, they were so noisy!!!
Loads came out, so it would have been a big nest, shame to do it but at least I will be able to open the window now!!!!