Saturday, 18 June 2011

The XH558

Yes I am a Vulcan Bomber geek. Was a member of the XL429 at Southend on Sea until they asked for all money to go to the Home | Vulcan To The Sky for the XH558 as it was the most completed. I stopped going to air shows when the plane stopped flying until 2 years ago she was at Kemble and she is flying there today. Always cry when I see her!!!
This is my cross stitch picture of her! Isn't she lovely, the most perfectly proportioned plane ever!!


  1. That is perfect and so beautifully done too. Love the Vulcan too - saw it at RAF Fairfield the other year - I just love the sound of these jets. My two ultimate favs are the Harrier, never ceases to amaze me and the Eurofighter - cause I worked on that one (not physically, just paperwork wise!)

  2. Thank you, I love to on those two as well, was stood on the tarmac behind the Eurofighter at Kemble a couple of years ago, just soaking in the noise and told my husband to get his fingers out of his ears as he was a woz!! My son worked on he Eurofighter as well at RR Bristol before taking to the sky's himself!! Where were you at?
    But my fav is still the Vulcan!!!

  3. I was working in Germany - Eurofighter is a combo with Germany and France

  4. It's a small world, we did see the plane at Toulouse Airport when passing there a long while ago, as that was where it was assembled!! But it did have RR engines!!